Star Sapphire


Margot lives and works in Cornwall and has been making jewellery professionally since 1986. At an early age, she coveted her mother’s collection of jewellery, in particular a brooch made in the form of a bumblebee in tiger’s eye and diamonds. Her interest developed while she was working in Truro at a local goldsmith’s, where she learned the basic skills that gave her a kick-start to begin a career as a jeweller. Initially she employed simple techniques to create earrings and necklaces. But as luck would have it, she accidentally discovered that the combination of brass and copper produced an exciting patina that became a platform for the main body of her work. The colours created by the oxidisation technique are warm and complimentary – her customers love the combination because it is so adaptable – their testimonial being that they can wear Margot’s jewellery with any colour – it complements everything.

The designs are inspired by her immediate environment – the Cornish countryside. Flora, marine life and architecture drive her creativity. Her love of copper has made it possible for her to extend her techniques utilising traditional principles, eg repouss ée, and raising wherever possible. She also uses silver, decorating it with brass, copper and gold.

Although she hasn’t had a conventional training in jewellery, her persistence in developing new ranges every year over the past 20 years stretches her capabilities and imagination. She has had exhibitions in London, Edinburgh, Bristol and Cornwall and supplies a range of galleries throughout the UK. She can also be found at prestigious craft venues throughout Britain.

Her aspirations for her twentieth year in business is to create tableware – she has already made a ‘candle cradle’ drawing her inspiration from flora, and this promises to become a vital new element in her extensive collection of work, a work that is admired for its form, its texture, its beauty, and above all, its unique design.