2019 is celebrated by the new addition to my career as an artisan Jeweller, I am now a fully certified Teacher of Transcendental Meditation

As well as, continuing with making beautiful pieces of unique jewellery, I will be offering the wonderful opportunity for my customers, friends, the population of Cornwall to learn the easy, effortless, natural technique of Transcendental Meditation which I have benefited from for over 45 years. The course runs for 2hr x 4 consecutive days from the Lostwithiel Transcendental Meditation centre.  For more info contact Margot or visit

Margots care tips

Please clean your brass, copper and silver jewellery with a soft rag (old cotton T shirt is excellent). You can use a silver cloth, but do not rub too hard to avoid removing patina.

Margot Hartley Photography: Simon Cook 01736 360041
Margot Hartley
Photography: Simon Cook 01736 360041

Silver jewellery: for the high-polished work use a silver cloth with some elbow grease. Alternatively, purchase a product called Solvo, made by Autosol, from Halfords (excellent for restoring high finish).