Care Tips & Repairs

Care Tips

Please clean your brass, copper and silver jewellery with a soft rag (old cotton T shirt is excellent). You can use a silver cloth, but do not rub too hard to avoid removing patina.

Silver jewellery: for the high-polished work use a silver cloth with some elbow grease. Alternatively, purchase a product called Solvo, made by Autosol, from Halfords (excellent for restoring high finish).

For cleaning matt/frosted finish, hot soapy water and a toothbrush, rinse and dry with soft rag. If however the silver has oxidised into a dark grey, use silver dip ie, immerse earrings into silver dip and follow manufacturer’s instructions. However, rinse the work with warm water after process.


All repairs need to be carried out by me. Please send casualties to the address listed with a stamped addressed envelope. Should a post or pin come away within 6 months, there is no charge for the repair. Should you lose one earring, I will match it to my best ability for half the retail price. Please bear in mind that each piece of jewellery is a work of art and that an excact match isnot always possible.

Margot Hartley Jewellery™ is not responsible for damage caused by misuse.